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Wednesday, 9 April 2014


Ehemm. Bismillah. It's been long though, hemm since i wrote like this. At this point, i dont really want to talk about Asasi life has ended,; yes it's true. Ended.

But the point is now. Currently, aku ada banyak sangat benda nak bagitahu org lain. Hairni aku terfikir satu benda, I think I should tweet it but then I halt half way. Dan benda ni berlaku since the past few days since Asasi ended. And, i feel it's going to be the same for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and the day after that.

Why is is like this? Aku ni tiada kawankah? Tiada couragekah? Hanya Allah lebih mengetahui. Just like this, I'm back with my old life. Bersendirian, tiada kemajuan, flat routine, nothing yang best would come to me. Okay maybe life ni mmang satu perjalanan, but then, life mengajar aku utk kekal begini.

Why? I dont know either. Bila dengan kawan, aku 360 darjah different from when I'm at home. My teacher once said, ada dua benda yang diri kita sentiasa ada. Diri Sendiri & Personaliti. Their meanings are literally of what you think. Diri sendiri is who you really are, and personality is who are you to be with people. Maksudnya, personaliti itu adalah sesuatu yg berubah ubah, boleh advance, dan boleh juga collapse.

What I'm saying is, what is my real self? Mulut aku holds gold bila dekat rumah and release burpps bila bersama rakan2. (Well my burpps is easy to be release you know..). So, siapakah aku sebenar? Yang mana satukah diri sendiri, yang manakah personaliti.

Mungkin confusion ni terjadi sebab I spend less time with my family. Yes since small. But then, why am I not knowing it either. Because living myself for 19years is not a small thing you know?

And the conflicts remain silent...

Saturday, 20 July 2013


I'm Palamians, ex TGBians

Intro for today. Currently I'm furthering in foundation at one of the UiTM campus. To be honest I like staying here. I took Foundation in Engineering and the main reason is I can ignore Biology for next incoming days. Haha :3

The registration day reflects a bad impression from me to this campus. The administration was suck yet till now to me. Luckily MDS which stands for Minggu Destini Siswa had ended.

Proceed with my group (class), R4. I was located among the 24 of the members, and I'm one of the six girls. Every one can imagine how we faced each day with those 18 multifarious guys. But since now, the classes went well.

See those faces, :))
To be sincere I feel quite stress with the environment here. I'm facing of those genius people who had just scored full marks for Physics quiz. And till now I just scored 0. What an epic :/ For the next week incoming Physics and Maths test 1, I wished for an A- at least. I really hope for it. I dream of it. Readers please do praying for me. Haha 

Friday, 19 July 2013

Hambar hariku

Since last Ramadhan rasanya aku last update blog ni. And now dah Ramadhan balik? Ohmyyyy apa aku buat setahun ni? Sebenarnya banyak sgt draft that aku malas nak mampus nak publish. Should I continue publishing it?

Semalam I called Zaty and Deanna, terasa sangat keihlasan mereka while they confessed that they missed me, MUCH. Ya Allah, thankyou for giving such a friends at moment when I needed them the most. So this post is specially dedicated to them, who've colourfully coloured my days. Though we're in different now, you will always be in me.

Seems like it was yesterday when I saw your face
You told me how proud you were, but I walked away
If only I knew what I know today

I would hold you in my arms
I would take the pain away
Thank you for all you’ve done
Forgive all your mistakes
There’s nothing I wouldn’t do
To hear your voice again

Some days I feel broken inside but I won’t admit
Sometimes I just wanna hide ’cause it’s you I miss
And it’s so hard to say goodbye
When it comes to this

Would you tell me I was wrong?
Would you help me understand?
Are you looking down upon me?
Are you proud of who I am?

There’s nothing I wouldn’t do
To have just one more chance
To look into your eyes

If I had just one more day
I would tell you how much that I’ve missed you
Since you’ve been away

It’s so out of line
To try and turn back time

Some parts of Hurt by Christina Aguilera

Thursday, 19 July 2012

NewBorn Month, Ramadhan

I'm currently at Melaka Sentral, with Deanna. We thought it was going to be a great journey, but it was different then. Our plan quite ruined but despite that we still creating smiles sincerelye. Meanwhile, we accompany our batch mates while I suddenly read on his blog. Huhuuu. My hajat for this Holy month is I stressly want to practice solat Dhuha. Are you ready for it ? *Yeah I'm ready for it - Tell Me Something.....:) Journey to the top : Malin

Friday, 22 June 2012

Truly Amazed

Now I'm currently at the class, my friend bought a new IPod touch and me, get the benefits. In add, now our class have been supplied with wireless connection, how happy we are. Just an intro for the new SEM I admit that I manage to turn to a better person. Homeworks are increasing though I'm still testing this new IPod. Haha. Last night, I was shocked by the teachers that the pre-trial MARA will be earlier than the actual date. OMG. I never felt like this before. But I believe in myself that I can do it. Although my prev pointer is just 3.71, there's no possible for me to strive for straight A+ this time. May you success Amalina, InshaAllah

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Dabo SIngkep : Those Faces

Masa di KPM : 3 Pagi semua dah segar

Makan makan dekat Carnival

Last Picture before balikk~ Us, and Them

Some of TGB's
Moment betulbetul sebeblum muntah :P

Dekat SMA

Dekat bilik hotel ni

The Family Members :)
Okay finally dapat jugak upload. Walaupun only some. This photos were always cherish my minds. Hopefully we can meet again. InshaAllah.

Dabo Singkep Part Three

And so,

Arrived Tg Pinang, Alhamdulillah :)

We check-in hotel, then rest for a while. Oh. Tired and sad faces everyone. That evening, some keluar jalanjalan and pusing kawasan sekitar. Malam pun keluar lagi, pergi makan. Nasib baik tambang Rp3000 je, tak mahal pun. Tapi yg sedihnya, dia cakap nak bawak kami pergi Carnival. Ingatkan best la sangat, karnival pendidikan je. Teserempak dengan Nor , Ahnaf, and tak ingat sorg lagi.

Penat jugak jalan takda benda nak beli. Last last kami end up dengan makan dekat situ. Lepastu balik hotel, tidur. Bestla siapa yang main True or Dare samapi tidur kat kakilima tu kan :P

Memang betul shopping kalini. Bayangkan telekung suteranya RM 50+ je ? Rambang mata kan? I bought kain for Eid Celebrations. Tak sabarnyaa nak tunggu baju tu siap. Songket Indon. Duit memang habisla. Dulu before datang sini mama cakap "bukan nak beli apa sangat kan". Nah ambik balik dengan Zero Rupiah.

Then kami pun naik feri balik Malaysia. Oh so sad, dah habis ke trip yg kami prepare selama exam weeks tu? Dah habis ke? Macam tak percaya je. But the fact memang dah tamat pun. Dekat Stulang Laut pun ramai la parents dah ambil. Budak Johor la. Kami yg tak berkenaan ni naik bas balik maktab.

Allah, it was the best trip ever. Dekat situ dah tau dah perangai semua orang. Even though much la jugak moments yg diorg storystory tu tiada aku, but I can feel the happiness. You know why?
Because we, Kumpulan Riau
(Bal suggested that name)