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Friday, 16 March 2012


aku sangat bodoh sebab suke kau . nape ?
nape aku lalai , dulu dah ckp jgn suka org
bengap sgt lahh aku

i had just learnt to love a man only from heart
no conversation
never know each other
keep it in heart alone
but i have failed that !
 i try to get closer to him and see
what i have got

maap kalian . saia emo pada diri sendiri.

kan dah jadi haru biru
arghh silap aku pegi layan perasaan
dah dah sudah . jgn lagi
tak sanggup aku
tlg lah MALIN
get rid of it sebelum Ahad nie
jgn terpedaya lg

to everyone
jgn simply suke org
memang bole jadi chocolate
sweet and available

boleh jadi parah
tertores dari dlm
stay away from it . please . its hard

im sorry coz mambling all the way up to down
there was an advice
dont ever jatuh hati dekat a man that you dont really know
and stop loving him before you already start to
be nice to him

to someone , im sorry i dont blame you
he's yours , not mine

deep inside , there were pain . by : MALIN

Wednesday, 14 March 2012


actually , tajuk nie rase tak de kena mengena pun . it was just that boring pulak
 hari2 kita coret feelingest statements , 
best jugak share menda2 cam gini kan ?

hari nie nak share a little things about REDUCING weight . HA HA
macam stylo jep . tapi nasib laa , KONGSI je
i had just noticed that most people are not constantly
control their body weight , is less motivated on this knowledge or site or maybe.. lantaklah BI lingkup pun.

so today , i want to share charts yang wajar diikuti . 
STEPS , nak kurangkan body weight nie.

PLANNING - set kan date , tempoh , and berapa berat yg nak diturunkan (add : food schedule)
eg : in a week , 1 kilograms
lunch : less rice , or take either cereal or try avoid
dinner : do not AVOID it , avoiding it may lead to increase ur weight\

CONTROLLING MEALS - take any meals on time (not too much in a time)
* slowly , exchange your eating habit :
less intake of carbohydrates & processed food  or
make SCHEDULE for daily meals (to prevent uncontrolled feelings of eating)

EXERCISE - maximise the amount of sweat excreted out of body !
jangan malas ! every weight loss is NIKMAT !
tahu tu ? so , keep on moving
take a challenge in a time interval (depend on individual)
to accomplish your exercising goals .
means that cabar diri , in a week (eg)
try at least 15 minutes of exercise ( swimming , jogging , sports , etc )
for each DAY
ONCE in two day
the less is ONCE a week

MOTIVATE YOURSELF - dont be over excited on losing weights!
unless you will anorexsia nervosa ( something sounds like that )
and teruskan tekad nak capai target
GOALS need to be accomplished yaw
wajib tuh . paham ?
just try to be a healthy person

and SET YOUR MIND ~ most important part
semua org bergerak mengikut mindset masing2
tahu tak ? better ambil tahu k

" You may do , if you think you can "

GOOD LUCK k peoples ? HA HA
cherished by : Malin Blossom
source : Google

Monday, 12 March 2012

it was AWESOME !!

i have just check on my thumbdrive-thru (memandai je tambah) HA HA . WA ! i was shocked . there's a lot of my pretty faces . HA HA joking . so hari nie nak introduce myfamily members . WAKAKA tak nak tengok jgn bace k . diulang DONT read if tak nak tengok .

kiri : kakak , abg zahir ( suami akak ) , papa
kanan : mama , aku ( yg comel ) , abang
this is mine . yours ade ke ? HA HA ~sweet moment

introducing this was taken durin EID celebration . wallah . 
same-2 cute kan ? i know it

my sista and me . ma mesti marah tngok cekak pinggang . tak pe lah Once A life .

tak nak laa lupekan TGBians moments . i was very grateful , having nicest friends ever . that thought me lot of benda alah kat dunia nie . kadang2 i buat u all marah sori yek . 0-0 la kan korang pun selalu jugak HA HA . my beloved classmate . ni ha 14th kingdom kita jadi lagi unite k ?
paling centre , paling tinggi . HA HA

and unexcuseable my friends dekat MRSM PDRM , the college that brought me till this stage . THANK korang , kita banyak sweet moments . RINDU habis nie . give a clap *papp , u're listed in my blog . HA HA jumpa lagi nanti , bawak anak-anak time reunion tau . tengok sape paling banyak . yeahh

BFF forever ~!!

before aku end merapu di pagi hari nie , seronok sangat my life gets better sinde masuk TGB . memang bumi tarbiah la katakan . next time I coret2 lagi laa . since Homework tak gerak lagi . tapi chill la kan . " belajar kena enjoy " best ni . hm . baii . HEE
i was enchanted to ~ lalala :)

Hari AKU walau tak selamanya (:

EHEM EHEM . hari nie was freak day ! suddenly it comes ,
mcm mimpi je tau , i really2 dont believe it .
tahu ke ape ? tak bole story yaw
malu lah i nanti
CLUE jea . best2
and now i feel like singing a thousand years 

" one step closer...
i have died everyday waiting for you..."

ALLAH . really unexpected this had happened to ME !
HA HA , again i am a little crazy girl . (little highlighted)
yeahh whatever , im kinda happy
hope this is not the last chance
HA HA really AWESOME ~!!

fuhh *sigh . DONE . done with this happiness , control your emotional act.
another 9 months to go , 
another 9 homeworks to be done =.=' 
due date : 18 MARCH 2012 - remember!

ape ? kau rase pelik dengan post aku nie ? tak payah bace . THANX je laa sape2 yg terbace.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

somewhere by somebody :P

susah nak determine ape kena dengan aku
freak laa
aku malas nak fikir
mainkan je ke
atau aku syok sendiri
bukan die tahu pun
HA HA tak payah kesah sangat
tapi aku tahu ape yg aku rase
aku tau tak kekal pun cam ni
bukan lame pun
teruskan perjuangan dulu 
9 months to go

terikat pulak dengan lagu ENCHANTED by Taylor Swift
HE HE bole perasan sorang2 lagi kan
aku doa kau bahagia ,
eh mane bole kau dan aku dan dia dan mereka dan kalian BAHAGIA
bahagia tau
yeahh layan laa lagu nie . best
two thumbs up :)