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Wednesday, 14 March 2012


actually , tajuk nie rase tak de kena mengena pun . it was just that boring pulak
 hari2 kita coret feelingest statements , 
best jugak share menda2 cam gini kan ?

hari nie nak share a little things about REDUCING weight . HA HA
macam stylo jep . tapi nasib laa , KONGSI je
i had just noticed that most people are not constantly
control their body weight , is less motivated on this knowledge or site or maybe.. lantaklah BI lingkup pun.

so today , i want to share charts yang wajar diikuti . 
STEPS , nak kurangkan body weight nie.

PLANNING - set kan date , tempoh , and berapa berat yg nak diturunkan (add : food schedule)
eg : in a week , 1 kilograms
lunch : less rice , or take either cereal or try avoid
dinner : do not AVOID it , avoiding it may lead to increase ur weight\

CONTROLLING MEALS - take any meals on time (not too much in a time)
* slowly , exchange your eating habit :
less intake of carbohydrates & processed food  or
make SCHEDULE for daily meals (to prevent uncontrolled feelings of eating)

EXERCISE - maximise the amount of sweat excreted out of body !
jangan malas ! every weight loss is NIKMAT !
tahu tu ? so , keep on moving
take a challenge in a time interval (depend on individual)
to accomplish your exercising goals .
means that cabar diri , in a week (eg)
try at least 15 minutes of exercise ( swimming , jogging , sports , etc )
for each DAY
ONCE in two day
the less is ONCE a week

MOTIVATE YOURSELF - dont be over excited on losing weights!
unless you will anorexsia nervosa ( something sounds like that )
and teruskan tekad nak capai target
GOALS need to be accomplished yaw
wajib tuh . paham ?
just try to be a healthy person

and SET YOUR MIND ~ most important part
semua org bergerak mengikut mindset masing2
tahu tak ? better ambil tahu k

" You may do , if you think you can "

GOOD LUCK k peoples ? HA HA
cherished by : Malin Blossom
source : Google

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