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Friday, 16 March 2012


aku sangat bodoh sebab suke kau . nape ?
nape aku lalai , dulu dah ckp jgn suka org
bengap sgt lahh aku

i had just learnt to love a man only from heart
no conversation
never know each other
keep it in heart alone
but i have failed that !
 i try to get closer to him and see
what i have got

maap kalian . saia emo pada diri sendiri.

kan dah jadi haru biru
arghh silap aku pegi layan perasaan
dah dah sudah . jgn lagi
tak sanggup aku
tlg lah MALIN
get rid of it sebelum Ahad nie
jgn terpedaya lg

to everyone
jgn simply suke org
memang bole jadi chocolate
sweet and available

boleh jadi parah
tertores dari dlm
stay away from it . please . its hard

im sorry coz mambling all the way up to down
there was an advice
dont ever jatuh hati dekat a man that you dont really know
and stop loving him before you already start to
be nice to him

to someone , im sorry i dont blame you
he's yours , not mine

deep inside , there were pain . by : MALIN

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