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Monday, 12 March 2012

Hari AKU walau tak selamanya (:

EHEM EHEM . hari nie was freak day ! suddenly it comes ,
mcm mimpi je tau , i really2 dont believe it .
tahu ke ape ? tak bole story yaw
malu lah i nanti
CLUE jea . best2
and now i feel like singing a thousand years 

" one step closer...
i have died everyday waiting for you..."

ALLAH . really unexpected this had happened to ME !
HA HA , again i am a little crazy girl . (little highlighted)
yeahh whatever , im kinda happy
hope this is not the last chance
HA HA really AWESOME ~!!

fuhh *sigh . DONE . done with this happiness , control your emotional act.
another 9 months to go , 
another 9 homeworks to be done =.=' 
due date : 18 MARCH 2012 - remember!

ape ? kau rase pelik dengan post aku nie ? tak payah bace . THANX je laa sape2 yg terbace.

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