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Saturday, 20 July 2013


I'm Palamians, ex TGBians

Intro for today. Currently I'm furthering in foundation at one of the UiTM campus. To be honest I like staying here. I took Foundation in Engineering and the main reason is I can ignore Biology for next incoming days. Haha :3

The registration day reflects a bad impression from me to this campus. The administration was suck yet till now to me. Luckily MDS which stands for Minggu Destini Siswa had ended.

Proceed with my group (class), R4. I was located among the 24 of the members, and I'm one of the six girls. Every one can imagine how we faced each day with those 18 multifarious guys. But since now, the classes went well.

See those faces, :))
To be sincere I feel quite stress with the environment here. I'm facing of those genius people who had just scored full marks for Physics quiz. And till now I just scored 0. What an epic :/ For the next week incoming Physics and Maths test 1, I wished for an A- at least. I really hope for it. I dream of it. Readers please do praying for me. Haha 

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